What God Allows May Not Agree With What You Want


2015 was a valuable lesson for me. I learned that what I wanted was not best for me and it wasn’t in God’s plan. Many times we try to make things work and with every effort we keep running into brick walls and we can’t understand why but God knows why that’s one of the main reasons he put that brick wall in your path. So when I finally realize this I was able to heal and grow strong and say enough is enough! My husband left in November of 2014 and because of my pride I just couldn’t let it go. I tried and I tried everything I could possibly think of to keep this man in my life but then when I finally realize that him staying in my life was not a part of God’s plan. There is a a reason for everything and everyone serves a purpose thus comes the phrase “There is a time and season for everything.” However, when that person’s season is done it’s time to allow them to move on.

Because I believed in God’s glory and His infinite wisdom I was finally able to let go and step out on faith doing so I was able to meet someone so caring and so loving that I thought that it was all a dream and I was going to eventually wake up and it will all be gone. That was over 9 months ago. I am sharing the story with you to let you know that you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be treated with love and respect and you deserve someone in your life that knows and values your worth. So take a step back put your emotions aside and look at the bigger picture and maybe just maybe God is trying to tell you something!