D.R.E.A.M.S: Don’t dream about life, Live your life. Courage, Determination, Drive, Passion, Inspiration & Desire are all things needed to pursue your dreams. Your dreams should always be bigger than your fears. As long as you believe in your dreams know that anything is possible. Never put off what you can do today, Life is too short to wait. Every time we wake up, without hesitation we should put one more effort toward achieving our goals. Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about your life; so Invest in yourself, and make the pages of your life become your reality. Take a leap of Faith today and commit to what your heart desires. Follow your dreams No matter What. If you’ve imagined yourself as a chef put a foundation under it. If you’ve imagined yourself as an actor or actress put a foundation under it. If you’ve imagined yourself going back to school put a foundation under it. Whatever your dreams are big or small put a foundation under it so you can skip the what ifs. If the Sky is truly our limit, then our possibilities are endless. Because you have the Power to make things happen, know that your future can be better than your present. Move out of your own way, move out of your comfort zones, block all the negativity, and don’t be afraid to Fail. Embrace the Challenges because your process will be the blue print to your success. Never let go of your dreams.