What To Do When Love Does Not Pay The Bills?


by: howtogetthemanofyourdreams

Question: did love EVER pay the bills? Answer: no. Love does not, will not, and cannot ever pay the bills. All I can think of is that old love song – “Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you honey…” Yup. The two are pretty much separate entities.

Paying the bills is summarized in two small but intensely fierce words: HARD WORK. (And love can be summarized in the same two words…) Here’s the thing: love in all its magnificence and wonder will NEVER be what bill collectors are after. They want cold, hard cash.

You can tell your beloved you love her till you are blue in the face, but this won’t pay the electric bill. You can wine and dine her till the cows come home, but this won’t keep your cell phone from getting shut off. All the stored text messages that say ‘I love you’ simply won’t impress Verizon or Sprint. There is only ONE thing to do to pay bills – work to make money, save money, and spend it wisely.

Having said all that, it is also good to remember that what love DOES do is – it empowers you to DO the hard work to pay the bills. Love holds you together, keeps you steady, and explains why the two of you now have BILLS together. Isn’t it always about perspective? A wise man once said to me, when I was whining about something I wanted and how hard it was to achieve, “How bad do you want it?” (Ouch.) We all want the nice house with the white picket fence and the newest technology, but the price tag that comes with it is NOT free credit – it IS again, hard work. Read my lips – hard work is what pays the bills.

Too often in our culture we want things NOW and we want things FAST and EASY. But think of the inner satisfaction of earning: what we have to pay for, we value. What we get handed to us, we think of as disposable. (That goes for more than just money – it is relationships also.)

So maybe you find yourself over your head in a financial straightjacket. Say you already work hard and can’t seem to catch up. This probably describes most of us! You are head over heels in love with the woman of your dreams, and wow – you wish love DID pay the bills…because if it really did you have enough love invested to be a billionaire already. (Sigh)

Here are just a few suggestions for you concerning that cursed word ‘BILLS’:

~ If you want to buy something, have the money for it first. Don’t go into debt. Debt comes with a horrible price tag and NEVER goes away. (Singing to the choir here!)

~ Save money regularly. If you can only save a little, save a little. Remember the power of multiplication! As you can save more, save more – but always save something out of every check!

~ Don’t burden yourself with bills you do NOT really need. A MasterCard will quickly become your master! Just because every store in town approves you for a credit card, does NOT mean you have to say yes. Stick to major credit cards, not store cards, and check the rewards you get against the interest you’d have to pay. If you don’t think you’ll be able to pay your full statement every month, don’t use the card.

~ Live within your means! (Really, what does that MEAN?) It simply means Folgers at home is just as good as Starbucks out. Use your own cinnamon and whipped cream for a latte you won’t be regretting later. If you just LOVE Starbucks, maybe only go occasionally for a special treat. It does add up…at 4.00 a day, that is 28.00 a week…(You can do the math.)

~ You need to rule your finances instead of letting them rule you! One word: BUDGET! Just like you probably wouldn’t go on a major road trip without a map or your trusty GPS, you shouldn’t do this life journey without a plan. We all need a financial plan to get us from Point A to Point B. It is actually liberating when you feel like YOU control your money, instead of IT controlling you.

~ There are probably many more helpful tips, but the message will stay the same – hard work is what pays the bills!

Love in and of itself takes time, right? So will getting your finances on track! In fact, it may take a lifetime. We will always have bills – there is no getting around it. If you are madly in love THAT will at the very least give you great incentive to WANT to have all your bills paid so you can have time to enjoy this great love you share.