9 White Lies Men Tell When They First Meet a Woman


By: How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams.com

1. Wanting a Quickie

A man lies when he first meets a woman because he knows that the first impression is the best chance to reach his goal of immediately sleeping with her that night.  He knows he can only keep up the façade for a moment.  He will tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

2. First Impression

Next, a man lies because he knows his first impression will be his best chance of getting your phone number and creating a setting for future correspondence, all for the same reason as No. 1:  to sleep with you.  Ladies, any man you meet that lies to you about his status in life has one of two objectives: 1. To sleep with you or 2. to use you.  Please read 5-sure-ways-to-know-if-the-man-youre-dating-is-a-user.  Although these men are willing to work a little harder in their efforts to make a first impression, anyone who is willing to lie about, for example, his place of employment or education is clearly out for a quickie.  Building a solid relationship is the next to last thing on his mind because he is consumed with lust.

3. Using You

The third reason men lie to you when they first meet you is because they want to impress you with their status, so they can see what assets you have.  These men are modern-day gigolos and are not just looking to sleep with you but to spend your cash, drive your car and live in your home.  They are looking for you to take care of them.

4. Age

Why do men lie about their age?  Men who lie about their age are trying to use their “wits” to attract and catch the younger woman.  Men are attracted to the younger woman because she is usually more fit and less-experienced.  He hopes she comes with less mental baggage and so she can be molded into the woman he needs her to be.  You know the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”  Through trial and error, these men already know that younger women could be potentially scared off by their age and experience.  This formula suggests that the quickest road for a man to gain a younger woman’s interest is to make her think he is younger.

Men who take this approach want to make themselves appear in the most attractive and positive light.  A man pretending to be younger will have potentially more assets than his competition because they are indeed younger and have had less time to achieve success.  Thus, he appears more attractive.   So ladies, although age is not a factor in all relationships, it can have a significant effect, depending on your experience and maturity level.   Please read our article, “Dating the Older Man“, under the dating advice column.

5. Relationship Status

If a man lies about his relationship status, he is only looking to sleep with or have an affair with you.  He is looking for the quickest way into an unsuspecting woman’s bedroom, not knowing that at the same time he is crawling into a black widow spider’s web.  This man lacks experience because there are many women who will have an affair without him having to tell a single lie.  Perhaps you are asking yourself, why do men go to such great lengths?  Please read , “Understanding Why Men Stay in Unhappy Relationships and Why Men Cheat“,under the Understanding Men column for more clarity.

Sexual experiences with women can be quite an addiction. For a man, each new sexual experience is equivalent to exploring a new land or trying the latest new drug.  He is like a kid in a candy store all over again.  Yeah!  Men, as the curious beings that we are, like to explore and conquer new territory so, much like Christopher Columbus, some of us will lie to discover a new world.

6. Occupation

Who wants a loser?  Men inherently know that women want security, a house in a safe neighborhood and a nice car.  Who wants to hear: “Hey man, I saw your girl broke down on the freeway?”  Men know women want stability, to settle down and eventually have a family.  Unfortunately, saying you’re a garbageman is not as attractive as saying you’re a domestic engineer, doctor, lawyer or some other catchy title.  Men know titles attract a woman, so they will use them in hopes of piquing her interest enough to have a conversation.  It is really more difficult than you think to strike up conversations with strangers.  We are not exactly sure what his long-term plan is with this strategy, but his decision to lie is a short-term remedy to cover up his fear of being rejected for who he really is.   Eventually, the man has to realize that once a woman finds out he is being dishonest, she will run for the hills, and he will have removed the one cornerstone a relationship needs in order to succeed: trust.  Ultimately, the man who lies about his occupation lacks confidence in himself.

7. Name Dropping

Men use others’ good names and reputations to find and get into women’s lives.  A man will say:  “Oh, you need a job?  I know the vice president at such-and-such a company.  Give me your number and let me see what I can do for you.”  What he really means is: Let me see what you can do for me.  This is one of the oldest approaches in history to get to know a woman.

Let’s look a little closer at the reality of the situation.  A man is just meeting you for the first time.  Granted, you look hot on this particular summer day.  But in reality, he does not know you, or if you are trustworthy.  He has not seen your resume.  Is he really going to risk his reputation with his contact, the vice president of such-and-such a company, on someone he does not know?  What is he really trying to accomplish?  He is really trying to get closer to you first and to see what develops.  His approach is safer than simply saying, “I think you are beautiful and I would like to get to know you better.”   Lack of courage and the fear of being rejected is why he decides to take the long approach.  It also does not mean that he is not going to introduce you to his contact but at most, it will be a pit stop before you arrive at the intended destination.

8. Financial Status

There is a rapper who goes by the name of Jay-Z, who touts how he makes a six- or seven-figure income.  Why is he boasting about how much money he makes?  All men know every woman on planet Earth wants a healthy income earner.  It all goes back to a woman’s need to feel secure.   In hopes of catching a bee with honey, some men will boast about their salaries as a way to attract women.  The problem for women is, how do you know if he is being honest?

In our humble opinion, a man who flaunts the gold is more than likely being dishonest.  Furthermore, a man who does have the gold will usually not boast about it for fear of getting robbed, unless he is looking for a quick fun time and not a relationship.  If you are truly interested in this type of man, ask him to show you his tax return before you sleep with him.  If he never calls you back, you will know why.  By the way, in this case you are only asking because he is flaunting his wealth.  Normally, you should never ask this question.

9. Transportation

Men will lie about their transportation status because cars catch women.  The man without a car is comparable to a man who stands on an island all by himself.  He absolutely will not attract the cream of the crop without this valued asset.  Men will borrow, lease, rent or even pretend their Lexus is in the repair shop to avoid admitting that they have no transportation.

Why do you think men buy cars before they move from home or buy a house?  The right car will catch a woman’s attention, whether she is young or old.  There’s just something about the image stored in a woman’s mind when she sees a man getting out of a nice Mercedes-Benz as opposed to a Honda Civic.  The Mercedes says success, nights out at some fancy restaurant, travel and a nice home.  The Honda Civic says he’s on a “budget.”  Even though she later finds out the man with the Mercedes lives at home with his parents or in a tiny apartment, the dreams are already implanted in her mind.  Although most men’s mental processes may not go this deep, on the surface they know a nice car will greatly increase their chances of attracting and sleeping with the woman of their dreams.