What Is The Most Lethal Weapon You, As A Woman, Have To Attract and Keep the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD)?


By Jared Kennedy

I will give you a clue. What part of your natural makeup is like a photo that speaks a thousand words? You cannot buy it from the latest and best plastic surgeon. It costs you absolutely nothing but will attract more men than bears to a beehive. This little gesture will do more to attract and keep the MOYD than the sexiest outfit you could ever wear. Why? One quick flash will light up a room and express how you truly feel. Do you know what it is?

Okay, more clues. It is the law of attraction in constant motion. Most people simply want to be around others who use it. They naturally become curious. “Why is she so happy? Its 100 degrees out here. Either she is on drugs or I want to know where to get a cup of that cool water.” People in general want to be around you, they want to talk to you and they want to know where that joy is coming from in an ever-more-depressing world full of violence and war. Now imagine if this little gem were applied to finding and keeping the MOYD? Trust me; every man wants to be around a woman who possesses this type of positive energy. It’s contagious and brings success and good fortune to the MOYD. If spotted in a relationship, it means he is doing a great job toward building up your happiness and stability, a natural thing that any good caregiver would desire for the woman of his dreams. If you are on the dating scene, it signals to the potential MOYD that you are already happy with yourself and perhaps are seeking companionship to complement your joy. This is very attractive, as opposed to looking for a man to save you or make you happy, which is not so attractive.

Do you know what this little God-given attribute is yet? Give up? Okay, I will tell you. It’s your smile. A smile is much like a photo. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it can also be said that a smile can speak volumes of positive words about you, without ever being physically voiced. Personally, I run from beautiful women who never smile. It’s an automatic relationship red flag. If you rarely smile, it will signal to men that something is internally wrong and that there could be a major psychological issue brewing underneath the surface. For example, your never smiling at your job can signal to all who work around you on a daily basis that you are not happy with your work; that there is something definitely wrong at home or that you’re just lonely, depressed and have a beyond-desperate need for attention. (What Does it Mean Sexually When a Woman is Seen by a Man as Being Hysterical) Not good. The law of attraction in turn attracts the corresponding negative energy, and now word gets back to your boss that you are just not getting the job done, and he just might come by your desk and ask if everything is okay, as opposed to giving you a big compliment, like “You really bring a lot of positive energy to this office; we really need that here.” Instead, you’ll be hearing him suggest, “Maybe this is not the best fit, and perhaps you should seek happier employment elsewhere.” A smile is the law of attraction in constant motion. Which compliment would you like to hear?

Whatever you are feeling inside will be displayed in your smile, or lack thereof. Your smile truly is your best asset to attract and keep the MOYD, because a good smile is genuine and comes from the heart. It’s really hard to fake a genuine smile or a good laugh. People know when it’s real and genuine. How would you know? You will know by their reactions as they smile back at you. Try it. It’s kind of like looking in the mirror. A smile is so simple and if used on a regular basis will attract more men than your best pair of high heels. Besides, what’s a pair of high heels without that patented smile to go with them? You know that glamour shot I am talking about, with the beautiful model wearing her new high heels, looking back at you as she is raising that one foot in the air, with a big smile that says, “Girl, I am so happy; you better get yourself a pair!”

Attracting and keeping the MOYD really does begin and end with your inner beauty, often displayed at first glance by your smile. As a general rule, a woman not smiling is a red flag and a keep-away.

So ladies, here is the exercise, every day when you wake up. You might as well make it a point to do this little exercise throughout your day. Practice your smile in the mirror and tell yourself that something great is going to happen to you today, and expect it to be so. A great smile is better than the best makeup you could ever buy, because it’s real, genuine and truly the best gift you could ever give, simply because it comes from your inner sanctum. It’s the sticky stuff that wives are made of.